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Hi, my name is David Smith, and I am an engineer/entrepreneur currently living in the Ohio Valley area northeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I have been married to my wife, Sherry, for over 35 years. I have two children named Heidi and Timothy and three grandchildren, Julianna, Emma, and Freya. As for my hobbies, I enjoy playing, listening to, and blogging about Gaelic music and politics. I also enjoy camping, kayaking, hunting, fishing, and watching all sports, especially hockey, football, martial arts, and baseball. My other passions include electronics, mechanical systems, and anything technical.

I am pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science on a part-time basis at Liberty University. As a day job, I have been a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Building Management Systems (BMS) Design/Application Engineer/Entrepreneur for over a decade now.

My father, George ‘Crow’ Smith, passed in December 2019, with my mother, Ellen Smith, currently residing in Ogdensburgh, NY, along with my little sister Betsy. My older brothers, George and Eric, who were both great hockey players in their youth, strongly influenced me as a child. I figured out early that I did not possess the athletic gene that was prevalent in many of my relatives; this turned out to be a good thing as I redirected my energies into other passions, especially anything technical. I was tearing apart my mom’s appliances as a kid, not always getting them back together correctly in the beginning. I think my mom is still upset about that first sewing machine that I tried to unsuccessfully tune up for her; that sewing machine was never the same. Over time I learned how to fix almost anything discovering a God-given talent in figuring out technical problems and the solution for said problems. I attended primary school in Massena, New York, High School in Montreal, Quebec, and went to college at SUNY Canton, New York.

My deceased grandfather George ‘Pappy’ Smith, and my dad and his two brothers, Ty and Wally, were all great athletes as youths, as they all became successful entrepreneurs running their independent businesses later in life. Realizing that I was not destined to become a high-level athlete like others in our clan, I started my entrepreneurial journey as a twelve-year-old. I did this by using my technical gifts, fixing electronics, sporting goods, snowmobiles, motorcycles, etcetera for friends and acquaintances. I also started to develop my computer and programming skills in the seventies and through the eighties.

I worked in the family business as a repair technician in the eighties and started my own business, ‘Sherry’s Electronics,’ doing sound and lighting work for bands, homes, bars, and theaters. I started a feud with my parents in the mid-eighties that lasted a decade; this is one of my biggest regrets. Still, on a positive note, this decision forced me to become my own self-sufficient man as I cut all familial contacts of my youth and left the northern New York region, relocating to the New York City metropolitan area.

I worked as a mechanical technician at various companies around New York City metropolitan area for over a decade, honing my skills in the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Building Automation System (BAS) fields. I was lucky to work with the Grossman brothers of Blend Air Mechanical as they allowed me to design HVAC systems to develop a BAS Controls division for their company. I worked for Russel Secor at Clean Air Quality Systems as an HVAC/BMS designer, troubleshooter, and project manager.

While I worked as a full-time HVAC/BMS Design/Application Engineer for various companies, I kept a part-time HVAC/BMS business of my own first as Skilled Trades, then later as I am currently working either as a consultant, contractor, or part-time employee directly for the end-user or various companies, and I have never been happier or more successful. As the age-old adage goes, find a job you love and never work a day in your life!

Smith, D. (2022),

I am available by appointment on nights and weekends.


Estimates are free, there is a nominal fee for diagnostics. The first consultation is free. Call or text me at (330) 207-9931​​​​​​.

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David smith

An Electro Mechanical expert and Application Engineer.

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Call or text me at (330) 207-9931 for more information. Apprentices and journeymen wanted.

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Call or text me at (330) 207-9931 for more information. Apprentices and journeymen wanted.

Help wanted

Call or text me at (330) 207-9931 for more information. Apprentices and journeymen wanted.

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